About MikroTik

About MikroTiK

MikroTik is a Latvian company with headquarters in the capital Riga. It started in1996 as a company of Internet Service Providers. The name MikroTik means“small network”. MikroTik is today one of the biggest exporting companies inLatvia and has distributors in all corners of the world.

In the Balkan countries MikroTik is used massively. Actually in Albania nearly allISP companies that offer internet and many businesses use MikroTik in any levelof their networks. More than 90 % of network needs can be solved using MikroTikproducts. Many experienced engineers in other technologies find MikroTik as asolution for a lot of networking problems and challenges nowadays.

MikroTik certifications are based upon professional curriculums that are known asvalid for three years in all corners of the world. MikroTik training is mainlyconsidered by the young engineers or professionals that do have basic networkingknowledge